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Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to Da Core-Day 8

This is the list I gave J today when he goes to the grocery store. I felt like I may need the vodka eggs for the protein so my muscles can repair after today's workout.

Day 8. Asylum. Back to Core (Title of workout). The first time I did this workout-I was still learning, and therefore not putting in my all. This time around-I felt good-I gave it EVERYTHING I had, and I was dripping sweat EVERYWHERE. Alana (my 9 year old) walked in at one point and just says "EW" and walks out. I thought I was going to be all "sprite" and throw in some "Overtime" today (apparently it's only 15 minutes for days you feel like you can put in more work-but it's pure hell. Was. Not. Needed.). One thing I do want to add is that I feel like my posture has already improved from this workout because of all the work that is done in your upper back area. Then the lower back work and the hamstrings-OMG-I finally "embraced" the burn and went for it until I couldn't go no more. When I was done-I felt great about what I had put in to this. I could not do another workout today, even if I wanted to. I feel like if you REALLY do put in all your efforts-mentally AND physically, there is NO WAY you could do another workout in the same day you do an Asylum workout.

Well I have a 2 year old breathing down my neck-so I must cut this short. Remember, it's Easter weekend-celebrate an EMPTY TOMB my friends-not a bunny!

I'mStillOnFireFromThisWorkout-Demi to set yourself on fire too. Why not?

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Jen said...

LOVE it Demi! I can't imagine anything that hard. Well...not true...Insanity is that crazy...but I usually perk back up after an hour or so. I'll have to get Asylum one of these days and just see how out of shape I actually am! :)