Challenge Packs!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rest or StretchX..Hmmm..

Not sure what to do. I'm thinking I'm going to do some jump rope (If you don't know me, I'm a super duper jump roping kind of gal, super speed rope kind of thing, and it's a weighted rope-great cardio!), and just some stuff off the top of my head for 20 minutes, followed by stretchX after church. Sounds good to me! Now to enjoy my daily b-fast of Shakeology! Yum!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday-spend it with those you love :).

In Him and Health-Demi


Jen said...

mmm..jumping rope. Just did that last night totally impressing my kids who are still trying to figure out HOW to jump over it more than once at a time. After a quick little speed-jump session Grant said "WOW MOM! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" ha ha ha
It's no nice to be AWESOME in someones eyes! (even if they are 5 and VERY partial!) ha ha

Jen said...

(i need to slow down...)