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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Please go here and pray!

Kalle and Shawn are friends of mine from back in the day, when we were part of planting a church in Charlotte, NC. A couple years ago, they decided to move to Washington state-where they eventually found out they were pregnant with twins. Kalle went in for a stress test and they found out that one of the hearts of the twin named "Cohen" has stopped beating. Please read their blog and continually lift them up for strength and peace. Pray also that their other precious babe, "Pearce" will continue to get stronger and thrive more every minute. He is alive and breathing regular room air now! He will be in the NICU for 4 weeks. Shawn is updating his blog quite a bit throughout this whole process to let everyone know what is going on. So please, go here, and read and pray. Thanks.

In Him-Demi

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kenewayne said...

I'm at work, but I'll definitely check it out when I get home tonight...however...prayers going up now! :O)