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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So what is the point of all this ANYWAY?

Why am I involved with health and fitness? Why am I trying to get YOU healthy? Why do I write this blog talking about all this? Why SHOULD YOU CARE? To start off-I will share WHY I started doing all this. In case you didn't know already. I USED TO BE FAT. Like not just, "OH-I just had a baby, NBD..." YEAH-6 MONTHS AGO. Anyway-I'm 5"4, and at my heaviest I was inching towards 170 lbs. That's not very cute. I mean, I used to do fitness modeling, I was so comfortable in my own skin, and now, NOW..I was this chubby girl that couldn't fit into any of her clothes. I had NO waistline, I was wearing mom jeans, tights (OMG TIGHTS ERRRYDAY), and my husband's tshirts. I was so close to becoming that schoolyard everyday mom. (NOT bashing anyone here, it just isn't me). I KNEW I was created and destined to do so much more. I KNEW that I needed help. I was straight up-ADDICTED TO FOOD. It was my comfort and my solice. I didn't have anything but my family, and my food. Plus the fact that I'm puertorican, and my parents live very close to me-so they were more than willing to stuff my pie hole with all the greasy goodness (which in moderation, I still enjoy). Like EVERYONE says, late at night while inhaling icecream straight out of a gallon bucket, alternating with swigs of wine-the P90X infomercial came on. Being a former Marine-that's when everything hit me like a sledgehammer. I was the most happiest with my body when I was in the Marines (when I was crazy active). P90X seemed alot like what we used to do in the Marines-so I KNEW that's what I needed. My personality type is one of that is you remove pain and agony-LIKE A BANDAID. Go hard or go home. That's just me. So I ordered right then and there. When it came-I didn't have any equipment. I did have a strength band though. So I looped my band around my stairwell, and modified pullups. We used to go to Sams Club alot-so I had these huge Aunt Jemima gallon containers of syrup. They each weighed 5 lbs. And I had 2 of them! (NO EXCUSES!!) So I used Aunt Jemima syrup bottles for alot of my weighted excercises in my first month and followed the nutrition plan exactly as written. No cheats, nothing. First month-I lost 10 lbs. I was CRAZY HAPPY. So that definitely motivated me into the rest of my transformation journey, and slowly-I started to purchase weights, until I had a miscolored, rusted out weightset that went up to 20lbs! Then I FINALLY got the pullup bar. As my first 90 days came to a close-I lost almost 30 lbs. And then the craziest thing happened-I WON $10,000 FOR DOING THIS!! *THANKS BEACHBODY*...I knew I could do more, so I went further and did more Beachbody Programs, and now I can say I am the fittest I have ever been. During my initial 90 days, that's when I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. I was helping people anyway by sharing my story. Why not get compensated for it? I mean-time IS money. Making that decision is what changed my life. I eventually was able to be a stay at home mom. I discovered I had a serious passion for helping people-because I was in their shoes! There IS a way out-through healthy nutrition, Shakeology, and sticking to fit programs 6 days a week-like P90X, TurboFire, P90X2, Insanity, RevAbs, and Les Mills Pump-I have the ultimate workout library that I know will always be there for me. And being a stay at home mom-this WORKS. I don't have to fuss with going to the gym, carting off the kids with me, etc. I can just do my workout as soon as I wake up, and I'm done. More time with my family and friends and a sleek healthy physique are my reward. And that can be your reward too! Whether it's by being client of mine, or being my business partner and becoming a Fitness Coach-I can help you-physically and financially. Bottom line. The choice is yours! P.S. 3 weeks post Ultimate Reset. Results still hold true and I feel amazing! I recommend this to everyone! Please comment with any questions! I would love to help you. -DB OH and here is my before pic, complete with monthly progress photos through P90X.. Isabel was around 5 months old in the first before pic. Before pic=NOT HOT.

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