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Thursday, May 17, 2012

OK-I know it's been awhile..but here we go!

I HAVE IN FACT-FINISHED THE ULTIMATE RESET. I shall wait for your applause.
Why thank you Mr. President. Anyway-so the week after I finished the Reset-I totally got my period. #EpicperiodtimingFail. Because I gain like a bazillion lb's during this bloody horror show, I wanted to wait until after that freakweek before I showed you my official after pic. And get this, I didn't even cheat during my period. I usually eat salty/sweet combo's until I pass out in my own sweat and oil with crumbs on the bed. But now-I DON'T EVEN WANT "BAD" FOOD. I know. Who am I? I haven't cheated once (Well, on Cinco De Mayo-a tad bit-but that was a while ago). I'm still eating the Reset meals, because I love them so much. I'm now adding in more protein via vegan protein shakes (LOVE the Vega Sports line!). So, here it goes. My starting weight was 125. I ended up back at my highschool weight of 110 lbs. 15 lbs gone, and 10 inches lost overall. IN 21 DAYS.
The best part is how I feel. I feel like I am 10 years old again; full of energy, and I sleep like a baby every night. I'm always alert, I feel focused, and the CLARITY of MIND is out of this world. That is by far, my favorite part of this whole experience. I now know how to really taste my food, and to eat with purpose. To know if it's really "hunger" or boredom-that was a big thing for me. I was a big snacker..not anymore! No snacking at all anymore, no before bedtime snacks, and I don't even want it! I don't feel deprived of a thing..just because I feel THAT good. Now you know what to do. Click on that banner above and get your Reset. I will coach you day in and day out throughout your whole journey. It's worth the investment, if you are going to invest in anything-invest in YOU first. You will be SO THANKFUL that you did. I FEEL ALIVE!!!! -DB

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