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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 13 Ultimate Reset Wrap up..

I HAVE LOST ALMOST 10 POUNDS. IN 13 DAYS. That sh*t is bananas. I have been eating 3 meals a day (delicious meals, at that), plus an optional snack (some days I have it, some days I don't). Plus alot of water and some supplements that help oxygenate your blood and keep your intestinal flora super healthy. OH and I can't forget that alkanize. **shudders** I mean, it's not that bad. Maybe it is. I just chug it down as quick as I can. It's like liquid gr-ass in 4 oz's of water. But it's good for you, so I'm going to take it like a champ everyday (that's what she said). Alkaline=good and healthy. Being Acidic=disease and illness and you may die very soon. I don't want to be acidic. I want to be alkaline. Gr-ass drink and all everyday. p.s. Google that if you don't know what I mean. It's very science-y and it's just too much to write. Plus I don't understand alot of that. Tomorrow is Day 14! It's almost going by super fast. I have a Cinco De Mayo Celebration that I will be attending along with 4000 other party animals (I'm a Top Socialite in Charleston; I don't really know what it means, but it does mean I get to go to alot parties, VIP all the way!)...that might be a little tough, but I'm sure I can do it and go through with no booze or snacks. I've come this far, I just have to. I did tell myself if I was miserable I would allow myself one drink that I would sip S-L-O-W-L-Y. And then have more Alkanize a.k.a gr-ass when I get home. :) WIN WIN. Till tomorrow..DB

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