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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 14-1 week left!

ONE MORE WEEK YA'LL. It's amazing how fast everything is going. I noticed on the diet that it gradually weaned me into just fruits and veggies-in CRAZYASS meals that were delicious, no grains! AND AND half RAW VEGAN eating. I didn't even notice it. The Reset will brainwash you. In a good way. I'm not hungry between meals, and I honestly just might give up on alcohol and all the bad stuff for good-just because of how good I feel. Today food was so friggin good and FILLING. Lunch had me with 2 big ass salads, one was our typical "microgreen salad" AND a "carrot seaweed Medley." BTW-those salads are HUGE. Then dinner. I had cold soup. Weird, no? I buckled down and ate it anyway, (RAW)cucumber avocado soup-with a HUGE helping of broiled veggies, and quinoa. I was SO STUFFED after the cold soup (it was still sooo good!) and the veggies-I gave my quinoa to my daughter. I gave up a grain. I don't even know who I am anymore. It was a struggle to get that meal down because I was just SO FULL. I felt like I was in an eating competition. Swears.
I'm full, happy, satisfied, and I feel good. Can't ask for more than that! OH btw-I'm doing a round of Asylum (from Insanity, it's a 30 day program) before I head to Vegas in June for our Annual Coach Summit. Gotta look fly. ;) Let me know if you want to join me by posting in the comments. You must purchase a Challenge Pack (the one with Asylum in it) to get in the group through You will see "Challenge Packs" on the side, click there and choose, add to cart, and check on out. And you are IN this SUPER secret VIP Challenge Group. I will hold you accountable and support you every step of the way. Plus I will be doing it with you, so I'll need your support as well! May 14th this Challenge Group fires up-so order your Challenge Pack NOW, so you have it in time for our group. OK-till tomorrow! -DB

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