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Monday, May 9, 2011


As a competitive person by nature-I strive to be the best. You know what happens when you do this though-you FAIL. Now these failures would never make themselves so noticeable in a "normal" person (that-I am NOT), but for me-it's a big fat sign that says, "YOU ARE A FAILURE." I am learning to deal with this-but for me it sometimes takes somewhat drastic steps. Just recently I "unplugged" for a bit (oh, big deal right-well for me it IS), and the reward was wonderful. I had a chance to clear my head-really look at what is important in my life-and recommit to what makes my life great. By reading alot of my posts on this blog, you probably think, "Damn, this chick has her crap together." I want to clarify, that NO I DO NOT. I struggle and stress the F out just as much as everyone else. The people who put themselves out there as these perfect individuals, are usually the most screwed up ones. And I don't mean that in a negative light-I mean that in a TOTALLY NORMAL light. God says we are "FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE." And that, too, includes our struggles. The point is, is that we are made to be WONDERFUL. Anything that holds us back are just little things I like to call 'doubt,' 'worry,' and 'stress.' Market disrupters-if you will. The market being you. We are also made "Fearfully." So those little interruptors and temptations in our lives should be absolutely scared sh*tless if we handle it right. That's where we have to be strong. Strength comes with patience, grace, and boldness. Don't be afraid to step out of your box and show your true colors. It's who you are. Fear is not of the Lord at all. Fear is what can kill us, and we might never see what we were meant to do in this life. And that is an absolute tragedy. Go get the rewards you were meant to have. I know I am.

I hope that made sense because that was just verbal diarreah in my brain that came out of my fingers onto this computer screen and I wrote it in probably 1 minute while I was sitting on the toilet.

Happy Belated Mothers Day Mommas.
From the poop throne:
P.S. J got me 2 little birdies I've wanted forever (what?... I ADORE birds, call me wierd..and ask if I care). And the kids made me a cutie card for Mom's Day. Along with a day on the boat in Charleston! GREAT DAY IT WAS!!

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Jen said...

I'm still accusing of you of physical perfection! :)
Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day! Get that J-boy a TAN! :)