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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 19-"IT" finally happened.



Ya'll..this workout was built and designed for crazy people. Of course this makes me a perfect candidate but like, OMG Shaun is just completely out of his mind, batsh*t crazy. FIRST OF ALL (and I'm saying this WAVING MY FINGER in your face, cocking my head side to side, MAJOR 'TUDE. just FYI)- GAME DAY is a beast in itself-OVERTIME is only 15 minutes-but it starts like a bat out of hell right from the first second. There is stuff in there I've never, NEVER seen in my life. IT WAS SOOOO HARD. OH and another thing-SHAUN LIES. In the last 2 minutes, he's all like; "This is the last move"...and I'm like "OH THANK YOU JESUS! I MADE IT!!!" Then he goes, "Nope, changed my mind, go to the PULL UP BAR." then, then, THEN-HE LIES AGAIN. "Go to your speed rope." And THEN finish with a bazillion pushups. WTH. A WORKOUT FILLED WITH LIES AND PURE LUNACY.

But-I loved it. How does that even happen? I know he is pushing me, for the better. I can't stay in a comfort zone forever. I have to keep pushing my own boundaries-and sometimes you need a bit of crazy for that to happen. Especially as I get older, I notice my stupid metabolism slowing a bit, but thanks to Shakeology and programs like this-I can speed that shiz up a bit and progress in my health and fitness as I get older. THANK YOU BEACHBODY. and Shaun. (<--that was said in a whisper shaun. I'm not quite sure I can thank you for anything right now. Give me time to sort it out. I'm sort of mad at you). I'm sore already. 11 more days of hell
JOY. And I can say I am an Asylum Grad. If I live.-Demi

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Jen said...

Next on your agenda needs to be "write a book" because are SO FUN to read. Seriously I loved that post. I lOvEd how you told us what kind of voice you were talking in and how you cocked your head. The picture...HA HA HA!
A friend asked me yesterday about ordering Asylum. I told her about you. I think I discouraged her. :-( I just told her the fittest person I've ever known is almost dying doing it. She didn't look very encouraged. :) woops! Anyway...I should have stinking given her a business card. Dang I wasn't on my game. Bah. anyway....keep the posts coming! They are my daily entertainment! :)