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Monday, May 2, 2011

Today someone died. And it wasn't me from Jason's Bearnightbreathing

I don't EVEN want to post a picture of this guy who died. Or even say his name. All I know is that this was a person who led the way towards hate and terrorism against the Unites States. I was in the Marines during this particular time, and when the towers went down in NYC-I was in Pennsylvania on recuiting duty. Yes, close to where one of the planes went down. I remember we had to immediately get out of uniform (just in case any more terrorism was going down-military is, of course, the number 1 target). And then we had to inspect all of our government vehicles for car bombs. Not your typical day at the office.Let's hope that this leads the way to taking down more terrorists, and terroristic activity.

Anyway, enough of that. Back to my daily beatdown-Asylum. Tomorrow is Day 19!! Which is the first time I will do GAME DAY (read: HELL DAY) WITH "OVERTIME" added in the end. Killme. I honestly canNOT imagine throwing in more supercrazy at the end of another supercrazy workout. I think this is where I might blow chunks. I am going to treat this stretch day today; or as like Shaun likes to call it: "Relief" Day as just that. Stretching, and complete recovery, with lots of good hydration (i.e. no alcohol), protein, and a nap somewhere thrown in.

In other news: Jason will be getting a nose job! Now-don't call me nuts for being celebratory in this matter-turns out Jason had a raging sinus infection that went unnoticed now they are treating his infection before they can fix his deviated septum. And the Dr's said his septum is MAJOR deviated (result of a broken nose from wrestling in his teenage years). Which means very soon-I get to sleep normally again! YAY! Oh yeah, he will be able to sleep better too. Let's hope they give him LOTS of recovery drugs, because have you ever heard of the man cold? When Jason gets sick, it's like that. And you know what I mean. I can't imagine what it will be like for him recovering from a nose job. I'm not very "nurse-y" so hopefully the drugs will do the job for me. Don't judge.

NoseJobs Foreva!(and hopefully lots of vicodin for J)-Demi

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