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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super squirrel is coming to get you

Between dry heaves-I felt like my super "S" was maybe making an appearance. In my back of throat vomit.

OK. So, I am on Day 6 of Asylum, which is "Speed and Agility." Now for me, this is my most challenging workout that I've done so far. This time was a BIT different. I sort of knew what was coming up, and I figured out that DANG JUMPROPE (except the jumprope move with switch the feet incorporated. Uhmm...NO.). Everything else-it's like my mind and feet are starting to CONNECT! The planets are beginning to align! The first time I did it, I might as well have given it to my 3 year old to do, because that's how much coordination I felt like I had. It was so bad. I *maybe* could video a little bit and show you snippets next time I do this one. I was able to push harder-which made me dry heave and cough ALOT-but no vomit, yet. Next time-who knows. This little squirrel monkey (me) will conquer the jumprope (in my wildest dreams) and the ladder (yeah right, who am I kidding). I am still laying on the floor in a pool of my own sweat typing this, which is so gross on so many levels, but I can't manage to get my butt off the floor. So it still (and always will be) is a beast of a workout. I give myself this time around....3 out of 5 double hopscotch ladder agility runs. Last week was probably a -100. So yeah, improvement? That's all that matters.

ifeellikeasuperwomensquirrel-watch out-Demi

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