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Friday, April 15, 2011

So.So.So. SOAR!

Words. I need to find the words that describe the soreness in my body from just doing the FIT TEST that is only 25 minutes long from INSANITY: THE ASYLUM. Granted; I did do an hour of cardio earlier in the day...but DANG. I'm skeered for today's workout! A little more about the workout program itself: It comes with a nutrition guide which is VERY doable and looks yum to me. It also comes with an agility ladder (which I have never worked with, and uhm..not very good at doing "drills" with it). And a jump rope. You think it would be like grade school jumping rope, no it is not. It's a speed rope, and he has you doing that shiz for a long period of time, and FAST. Power jumps from Insanity now seem like skips in the park compared to the jumps in this program that I've seen and done. It incororates speed, agility, and all kinds of other crap to help you excel in every sport ever created by man. Like the stuff pro athletes do. OY. Ok I'm barely awake now, so I'm going to leave this blog post at that. I need to get my mindset right so I can do this workout. Yikes.

soar demz.

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