Challenge Packs!

Friday, April 15, 2011


This is probably the face I was making about 2 seconds into the warm up. *No exaggeration*

So. This workout is BANANAS. Death is probably easier. In the warm up alone, I had to stop multiple times to catch my breath, and I have multiple lashings on my ankles from the jumprope. Yes, you have to speed rope. Alot. Criss cross speed rope, high knees speed rope, speed rope while switching/crossing your feet back and forth. OMG. Then comes the ladder. Or as I like to call it-THE DEVIL. I can't even explain how I felt VERY uncoordinated throughout the whole thing. Some things I was *ok* at-but mostly-I sucked at everything. OH but I did burn 914 calories in 46 minutes. Which is great-but the whole time I was like, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WE'RE DOING WHAAAT? OMG THIS IS SOOOO HARD! YOU ARE CRAAAAZY!" (This is exactly what I was yelling throughout the entire thing and J can attest to this).

So besides all that-I loved it. I love a new challenge-AND THIS IS DEFINITELY A FRIGGIN' CHALLENGE. Lord Almighty-I just hope I get better at it. I give it 5 stars of crazy. (A good crazy). Now go get yours so we can complain together.

I'm not agile nor do I have speed apparently-Demi


Jen said...

Demi, are you out out of your mind?
If that is YOUR response to the Asylum...then I might visit it in about 5 years! I have a LONG WAY to get up to speed with YOU babe...and you're whining like a baby after the first day! ha ha
Just kidding!! :) But seriously...I don't think I am "there" yet. I still need to do a whole CONSECUTIVE 60 days of Insanity. I've done the whole thing but it's always hit and miss. Anyway, you R to the O to the C to the K and I can't fathom what your "after" asylum pics are gonna look like! :)
You should do a video post of you doing a few of the exercises. Let us in on the giggles. :)

Jason said...

I felt the pain from across the hallway in the office. I had to close the door because of all the moans and groans; it sounded like death in the other room. So... I can't wait to start tomorrow! J

stewbie2 said...

Mine BETTER be here tomorrow! Then, i shall complain with you daily!! :)

katie said...


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dolceaura said...

sooo... about to start the speed and agility workout and now I'm scared!! I'll be sure to post afterward to confirm your assessment of this craziness. The pain is worth it, right?! :)

dolceaura said...

Holy Crap. Shaun T is a big meanie! But I love him just the same. Well.. mebbe a lil less love and a lil more what-the-hell-are-you-nuts?? Did you also suffer from rug burn on the palms of your hands? Tried moving "the devil" (aptly named btw..) onto my black mat but then with some of the foot moves I was tripping over the mat. It was just a pain in the butt! Any suggestions appreciated :) I am loving your blog! Makes me giggle.

shower time! kayla

Demi Eliese said...

we have black puzzle block matting covering the majority of our bedroom/workout room, so no rugburn there..BUT I did trip ALOT on the ladder, and sorry I got nothing on how to avoid it! LOL I'm thinking that maybe we'll just get better and not trip eventually. Hopefully??! Good luck to you, keep in touch on how you do-as well as EVERYONE else who is doing this-I would love to know how your progress is going!!