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Friday, April 29, 2011

I hate everything

This is what I look and feel like saying to Shaun post Asylum workouts.

LIKE OMG. I talk alot about Asylum; 1) Because it's my blog and I can write what I want and 2) Asylum has consumed my life, mostly with total body soreness. I have to remind myself it's only 30 days. I just finished Day 15-which is Speed and Agility. This workout is a beast-but it's getting more "doable" (in a teensy tiny way) which means I push harder. OHHH CAN I TELL YOU SOMETHING SUPER DUPER EXCITING?!!! I can jumprope. Not just regular skip rope. SPEED ROPE. And I can FINALLY keep up with the warm up portion that includes the speedrope. And that's why I can compare myself to this guy now:
On *some* days (not really)

My speed is improving and so is my agility. But DEAR LORD IT IS SO HARD.
That's all I can think of to really explain this sheer madness awesomeness that is Asylum. I will buy some stars and stripes pants after all this and compete in the Olympics when I'm done. Believe that.

Gold Medalistyeahright-Demi

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