Challenge Packs!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I woke up at 4 AM PEOPLE. Why? Because I am in pain. Oh the brutality. Sore as hell from *Idontevenwannasaythenameanymore* you know what. I had the computer close by (btw that is not me pictured above, but a close comparison) so I decided to complain about it-to you. You're welcome. I have the jumpy workout today. WTH. This week is going to be wrong on so many levels so expect aLOT of craptastic whiney blogposts. I want my Shakeology soooooo bad but I cant even fathom walking downstairs for it. Maybe I'll do this instead:
Again-this is NOT me. But I'm totes jealous and wish I had it. Within arms reach.

In other news: MY BABY IS THREE YEARS OLD TODAY! Time REALLY does fly-and you know I used to HATE when people said that-because time doesn't really "fly" around. It just happens when your not doing anything. Or doing too much you forget that amazing crap is happening all around you. I prefer to be in the middle. Anyway-I went through 6 hours of natural birth with that little bugger-and I still remember the feeling of the bowling ballprecious baby ripping through my vag. Someone once told me that pushing a baby out actually "feels good." WTH. It does not feel good, and you poop on the table. Not fun. Especially for those in the room. But it was all worth it for my Isabel. Happy Birfday sweet thing. I will post updated pics of this angel for you later. When I'm more awake and able to move.



juliemcala said...

I'm hating you right now...i love you but I hate you cause I just purchased painful death in a box and it will be shipped to me sometime next week. I waited to hear some reviews, check out ppls videos and make sure no one actually DIED, now I'm thinking I might be the first casualty and I'm not ready to die yet. Ok, too wordy for a blog comment now, love you!

Demi Eliese said...

Julie!!! welcome to the crapfest that is this blog, haha! OH you will kill it sister-it will put you through pain and possibly tears, but you'll get through it! If you've done Insanity-you CAN do this!!! "Painful death in a box" <--pretty accurate description! bwahhaahahaa. j/k! (a little bit). Love you!