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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 3 of INSANITY: THE ASYLUM; "Back to Core"

There are no words. Buuuut this guy pretty much sums it up.

First let me start with a quote from the workout, that Shaun says. "The work doesn't start until you are in PAIN." WTH?!

OK. So this workout was REALLY DIFFERENT. I was definitely sweating in the warm up and during some parts of the workout-but it wasn't your typical Shaun T sweatfest. It was a firefest of burning in places you never knew existed in your body. There are alot of pulses (Ohhh the pulses I hate you), static holds, balance crap (which I'm aweful at), and just things that don't really feel good at all. And I may have had to go to the bathroom immediately postworkout to takecareofbusinessifyouknowwhatImean. Who knows why?? Anway-so you see the title-and it has the word "Core" in it. Cool. I'm expecting some abdominal stuff but NO CRUNCHES BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW SHAUN AIN'T DOWN WITH THAT SHIZ. NO. NO. NO. It wasn't anything that I was expecting. We pretty much worked the back of our core. Wierd, right? I didn't even know you could do that. There was alot of butt work, and hamstring moves that mademewannadie. Yeah, you had to keep your core tight to even do the moves properly, but in no way was the "superficial" layer of our abs worked in a typical way. The reverse delts got a heck of a workout as well, which I loved because I always find that hard for me to do. OH and this is where you incoporate the green band. I don't even wanna think about it. I hated that thing. In a good way. What ever that means.

So. Each time I put an "X" over a day of the Asylum calander/schedule-I feel like I just delivered a baby or something. Like I accomplished a huge hurdle. But then I look at tomorrow's agenda. VERTICLE PLYO. Like, I thought all plyo was verticle? I also heard that it makes grown men cry for their mommies. Great. I'm sure it'll be tons o' fun. Barf.

I have lived another day. -Demi


Jameson said...

So I just showed my hubby the promo video and he actual sounds interested. He loves the sports performance/agility stuff...but hated the original Insanity and wouldn't do it with me....Maybe I can talk him into doing this one...How much room do you need? Our pull-up bar is in the doorway to the kitchen...just not sure about the jumprope in the livingroom, knowutimean?

Demi Eliese said...

I totally understand your concerns with the room needed for this, it was a bit of a challenge for us to figure it out. We live in a SMALL condo-regular ceilings (no vaults) and all that. But you have to remember that the proper fit for a jumprope is that the handles should reach your armpit. If it goes past that-you need to loop the rope around your hands so you can properly jumprope. (and alleviate any wasted "space"). Also, as long as you have room to do 4 pushups to the right and left-you have room for all the ladder work. I can help coach you guys through this, lemme know! :)