Challenge Packs!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I felt this way many times during this workout today. The guy on the right.

That was just....uhm...CRAZY. It was a different crazy from Day 1-this was definitely intense on a whole new level. There was cardio, sweat, and just pure STRENGTH (perfect title, obviously). He said it best when he mentioned at the end of the workout; "If it was up to your physical body to press play and do this workout today-it probably would have said no. (MINE SURE DID). "But you pressed play anyway-that's where it's all mental." And I thought that "Wow, he is SO right on so many levels." Not just with with working out, but with life. We do things when we don't "feel" like it, because we know in the end there is a method to the madness. We will appreciate the sheer GRIT that that is needed to get through the workout. You need that same GRIT to get through certain life issues as well.

So as far as the workout itself in deeper detail: Shaun likes to do alot of progressions. You start with one set doing 1 move followed by 1 move of something else, a bazillion times. Then the second time around, you do 2, then 3, then a hundred. Well maybe not that many but you get the point. There are moves that are just like WHOA and you really can't believe you are doing it. But he has a way of getting you through! He is also alot more aggressive-there really is no nice guy in here. When you press play, expect to WORK, there are no points to laugh and joke around. You just better have that water bottle near by so when he says get some water you can shove some in your face and pray some gets in your throat. Because he gives you maybe .2 seconds to do it. My arms are pure jello, my core still feels like someone took a hammer to it, and my butt hurts. And not like, "oooh I love being sore"...NO. no. NO. It's like dayum! It hurts to sit, walk, and lay down. I'm dreading taking a shower because that means I have to stand. Ugh. Anyway-I'm still glad I'm doing it, even though it's only Day 2. I will finish this program! Even if I complain every day. Deal with it.

I might not shower for 30 days-Demi


katie said...

I cannot wait to try asylum!

I am in germany right now for business so I have been doing insanity....I have actually been doing insanity for a long time now. I love it.

When I get back next week to the US it's time for ASYLUM!

Do you LOVE IT???

Demi Eliese said...

In a crazy way Katie-I do love it! Even though I sound really winey on this blog-I know the challenge will change me, for the better. And really for anyone who does it! I'm sure you will LOVE it as well!! :)