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Monday, April 18, 2011

Verticle Plyo

Or a better title would be "Welcome to Crazy Town."

This is how I felt today during todays workout. Roadkill.

Anywho-Shaun. Me and you might have problems if I ever see you. Or I might just give you a hug. Probably the latter, but I *may* punch you in the kidneys during that hug. WTH. Verticle PLYO??! How about "Verticle HELL." or "Imma look like a moron plyo." UUUUGGGH. God I pray this gets easier. I swear, regular power jumps and tuck jumps look like childs play to me right now. Imagine doing all that-but with BANDS wrapped around your wrists and ankles. While trying to be agile on a ladder. Then doing ACTIVE REST-but not really. Active rest to Shaun means speedroping on ONE leg, and then switching, and then doing speedrope but landing in a SQUAT, then speedroping with high knees at double time. F. Granted, it was a shorter workout, I think. I could be wrong. I'm wrong about alot of stuff. But at the end I was just like, "Did that really just happen?" WHY OH WHY do I do this to myself. Oh, right. Because I'm an idiot. I didn't throw up (almost did) so I consider that a success in a way. Now listen to me-if you haven't done Insanity and something else like P90X, you do NOT need to even THINK about doing Asylum. You will get your arse handed to you in the first workout-well really in the fit test alone. And don't be an idiot and do doubles while on the Asylum schedule. There is a reason it's only a 30 day program. You can't do a schedule like this for any longer than that. And if you do, you might as well say good bye to your knees. It WILL catch up with you. TAKE THE REST DAY. Tomorrow is my rest day (WOOOHOOO!!!) and I am doing just that, beingaslazyaspossible RESTING. All in all, I still love this program. This is BEYOND pushing passed physical limitations for me, which I think I needed. Discomfort and all that comes with that is something that should be embraced-because that's where change comes into play! Physically and mentally. Embrace the discomfort!


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Jason said...

I'm starting this wonderful program today but everyday I get more and more scared silly after hearing Demi do this workout and reading this blog. The fit test alone was tough! Since I'm doing the P90X/Asylum hybrid I get to do Chest & Back today; I can handle that!!