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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Haha, gotta love that title. Who doesn't want to be invited to a party? Well, the party I'm talking about is The Beachbody Revolution that is EXPLODING right now! Want to be apart of the party? You can get in SHAPE AND GET HEALTHY (I can help with that) and/or you can be A COACH! (I can help with that too!) We have a great team of coaches here, and you can sign up on this page. We plan to take this team to the next level of coaching, and let me tell you-it's getting to that level already. Our next goal as part of this coaching team is to ALL meet at the next Summit in Hollywood next year-and if you sign up now-you can be well on your way by then on being successful at what you/we do! Let's DO THIS! If you want to help people by sharing your personal fit story, or be a coach and start your fit journey at the same time (because people are inspired by that too!) Sign up! Get yourself healthy-and at the same time-get others healthy. Also at the same time-get financially rewarded as well (which is DEFINITELY not the only/most important reward!). People right now are dying to be healthy. Think about that for a moment. They look in the mirror every day and analyze their bodies, seeing something they don't like. Or they might eat alot of fast food, and feel this horrible guilt afterwards. They just don't know what to do. Or it might be something more serious. They can be physically suffering from ailments like diabetes, joint pain, heart problems, or depression..from being overweight. Do you have friends like that? Do you have a whole community like that around you? YOU can help change that. Wouldn't it be an amazing thing to help someone in that way? THAT, my friends, IS the reward. THAT is why Beachbody coaches are among the happiest, most life-fulfilled people that I know. To them (and me!) they have the best job in the world. It doesn't stay in one spot. There is always room for advancement, and you never get laid off! It gets better, and better, and better. Sign up to be to be fit and sign up to be a coach. TODAY is the day.

**Remember, coaches get 25% off all products, and Beachbody Club members receive 10% off!**

In Him and Health-Demi

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