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Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost Done!

With P90X+! I still have 3 weeks or so left, but I am ending week 9 in a couple days. The plus program has absolutely changed EVERYTHING about myself, that I thought couldn't change at all after P90X. I encourage anyone thinking about it, TO GET IT. (Only if you have graduated from P90X of course..but P90X is an AMAZING start nonetheless!).

Update: I have had no "nightcaps" in a week-and my sleep has improved drastically! It takes me a little longer to get to sleep, but I do get "deeper" and improved quality of sleep. I gotta say too...I don't really miss it. It was almost when I quit smoking (10 years ago)-Once I was over the initial "agony" (I use that term loosely!) of quitting, it was alot easier. Another plus-I researched what alcohol does to your body as soon you consume it. NOT GOOD. It leaves you puffy and bloated on top of all things, it can lead to major tummy fat. UHmm, NOT what I want! So every now and then-on date nights-and socially-it's 1 for me, and that's IT. Followed by 2 glasses of water! In 1 week I can notice more definition in my abs and I have more energy and less skin problems...more benefits to name a few. Not knocking anyone that has a "couple" every now and then, but this is what's good for me right now. And I love it! I've woken up at 6 am with every day this week-and not even tired AT ALL! Usually I'm groggy, and very crabby for at least an hour. Much better now for me..and my family! EXACTLY what I've been praying for. :)

In Him and Health!!

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Jen said...

WOW Demi! That is an AWESOME testimony!! Kudos to you for saying "no" for a whole week! It's it gratifying to see the fruits of your labor? You are such a tough cookie...nothing is too difficult for you! (especially with God backing you up!) Getting a good nights sleep is something people underestimate the power of. Seriously. It changes the mood of my whole day (or at LEAST the first few hours of my morning!)
Congratulations on this victory!
You're the bomb-diggity! :o)
Ps. X+...isn't it JUST like doing the regular P90X but with a few different workouts in the mix? I guess I need to research it more...
Ps. Did you see my question on your BB site about where to find that $1,000 e-mail?)