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Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I'm getting back into the groove with YogaX-I gotta admit-I was SLACKING on it for awhile-skipped them even, for about 3 weeks. I just didn't want to do it. Well yesterday, I told myself I would do it, and I was feeling good, so why not? It was AWESOME! I finally nailed Crane, held my own on standing splits, Royal Dancer (featured picture), and managed to hold on to Half moon and Twisting Half Moon. Those moves my friends-are HARD. I am just starting to get it, and I'm almost done with P90X+! I just tried my hardest every if you are going through the same thing with Yoga-just keep trying and modify if needed-it WILL come. The breathing, relaxing in the present moment, I really just started to get it, and it's true-it works! Go figure! I guess they do know what they are doing at Beachbody :P. I truly did feel even better afterwards, and the 90 minutes flew by. I thought I would never say that!

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone-remember you are loved!

In Him and Health-Demi


Jade said...

Yay!! I love Yoga X too!

You know, one of my secret rewards for myself is to hire a professional photographer and take some photos around downtown doing various yoga poses. I was thinking like on an early Sunday morning, so there's no traffic, and posing in major intersections or in front of a certain landmark, etc. One day, I will!

Demi Eliese said...

That's SUCH great idea..that would make some awesome pics! DO IT! :)

robandbarb said...

Hi Demi --

I LOVE this picture!!! I also love the Yoga X workout - I could do it every day (Ken thinks I'm crazy...). This looks so beautiful and peaceful - exactly what yoga is supposed to be. I just realized that you're in Charleston - Rob & I spent our honeymoon there (16 years ago!!!). Do you do the Bridge Run? We might have to come visit you. Have a wonderful, blessed day -- Barbara :)