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Monday, May 4, 2009

What I do all day...

In case you were dying to know! LOL

630am-wake up, get Alana ready for school, Jason gives Isa her first bottle
7am-drink my herbal tea, followed by my breakfast=Shakeology.
715am-wave Jason and Alana off-they won't be back until much later.
715-845-play time with Isabel
850-9am-2nd bottle for Isabel
9-930-Isabel takes her first nap, usually 2-3 hours
10-11am-I workout while she sleeps, then catch up on emails, and do household cleaning, and/or laundry.
12pm-Isabel's up-she eats lunch
1230pm-put her down on floor to play so momma can eat lunch too.
1-3pm-Play time again, the park, pool, or a stroller ride. Maybe run some errands, or meet up with friends and network. Sometimes we just stay inside if the weather is bad, and I'll network from home while she plays with her toys.
315pm-Alana is back from school.
320pm-Alana gets a snack, and I set her up to do her homework.
330-430pm-Isabel goes down for second nap while Alana goes outside to play.
430-5pm-Isabel wakes up.
530pm-Jason comes home!
530-6pm-Jason plays with Isa and Alana, then does 10 minute trainer, then takes a shower while I watch the kids.
6-7pm-Make and serve dinner
7-8pm-Play time as family
8pm-Alana gets tucked in and goes to bed.
8-9pm-Isabel winds down for the night, has her last bottle.
9-915pm-Isabel goes to bed
915-10pm-Mommy and Daddy time/then bed.

Start over next day!

That's a typical Monday through Friday routine for the Bean Household, variations do occur occasionally, because that's life! I love it!

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