Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to get INSANE!

This will absolutely be added to my summer rotation to get more "shredded" and shed any more stubburn fat...I can't see how this system won't do that! Here's a great look at it, look at the cast...they look like they're dying! Love it!


Jen said...

Am I a WACKO or what...but that video gets me WAY pumped. I mean...I would imagine this is how a boy feels when he's just slipped his hand under his first girlfriends shirt! ha ha ha was a crazy way to put that...but heart is POUNDING, my blood is PUMPING and I want IT NOW! Buh-RING it Ohhh-Unnnn!!!
Let's see..Summer starts on June we have about 47 days to get prepared I'm guessing! One "negative" i can see about would be SO MUCH MORE FUN to do with a group than alone at home. For sure.

Demi Eliese said...

True, true, if you lived closer, we could totally work out together! Time to move! LOL

I love it too, and it gives me the same reaction, can't wait!!!