Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So I'm still in my recovery phase...

And if I look correctly, you actually have 2 weeks of recovery workouts, not just one-right at the end. Which is fine by me! Anything to help me along and get real good and ripped by the time the final pic is due :).

Today I did CardioX before breakfast, and I swear my recovery drink went down my throat in one gulp-that stuff is so stinking good I just want like a gallon size of it ready to go in my fridge so I can just chug on it all day. Ok, maybe a little exaggerating, but seriously-that stuff is MONEY! haha. Much needed YogaX will be later.

I hope all of you guys are still enjoying your workouts and bringing all you've got to it. I've had a really tough weekend emotionally and (besides the Lord and my husband) working out is my only outlet. It has been my therapy, my getaway. I can lock the door and focus, and when I'm done, I'm ready to face the day even more so, no matter how hard it is.

If you are looking for a way to gear your mind in another direction, to find an outlet, to feel good..not just about yourself, but LIFE..good old fashioned sweat is such a sweet remedy in an unstable environment. Give it a try.


joanna said...

Yup, I need it so bad right now. I need to sweat, to move! My body feels so out of whack still from having Skye~just even to WALK outside would be nice- its so damn cold! Might have to order this workout...seriously.

Alissa said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend! I'm looking forward to hearing the final results. Today I get to do chest and back for a second time. I'm expecting to feel improvement in some way... we'll see what though!