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Friday, February 27, 2009

Variety is the spice of Life!

I have Yoga scheduled today, and I'll do that later. I just wanted to add something else to the mix.

I had mentioned previously that during my last KenpoX workout, I didn't sweat at all, and I was going double time, and I felt like I didn't workout at the end. I mentioned this to Brad, and he recommended that I add handweights to the mix. So, I added 3 lb handweights and 2 lb ankleweights today.

Let me tell you-it was almost right up there with PLYO. I sweated like a MUTHA and I felt every jab, uppercut, and kick with an intensity that was AWESOME. I know I will feel this workout tomorrow! And, I am looking forward to my last recovery week, which means Core Synergistics tomorrow-my favorite!

P.S. If you do decide to do this, I wouldn't do it until Phase 2 and beyond. When Tony Horton says "Don't bang the joints", you REALLY have to be careful when there are weights involved. The reason why you sweat so much more with light weights in Kenpo, is not only because of the weights, but because of the control that is needed to NOT bang the joints. If you don't control the weights during all your kicks and punches, momentum will take over and you could risk an injury of somesort. So, use your brain and be careful. :)

Happy Friday!!


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Missresa said...

I just saw your new pics, and YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful anniversary, too. I'm thinking about getting some weighted gloves for KenpoX, because I'm not feeling too much in my punches... My arms just don't get tired from it. My legs start burning, though!!! Love your blog-it really keeps me motivated!!!