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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extending Phases

I didn't think I would do this at all with P90X, or that I would need to, but I am going to have to extend this phase by at least a week before posting my after pics. I did have an "off" week, and it did affect my workouts a bit. I was reading in the program that it is totally acceptable to do so, because, hey..nobody's perfect. :) LOL

Guys need not read the following paragraph..:

On another note..on a really, really personal note, my IUD has become dislodged. Which means it has been ineffective. ::sigh:: I am not emotionally ready to have another child, but if God does decide otherwise, I will gladly take that on. Besides me being pregnant again, it could have perforated my uterus, which may explain the wierd cramping I've been having. That said, I have an appt today at 3pm. I'll let you guys know what happens. Pray!

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Jen said...

WOW Demi! That's crazy! I've always wondered (feared) that my IUD might come out. They told me when they put it in that it can happen. I sure hope everything is okay! (No perforated ueterus in Jesus' name!) I will be awaiting your update!
Also, extending the P90X program is totally acceptable. The first time we did it, it took us 2 extra weeks to really feel like we had actually completed it. (illnesses, working overtime had preveted us from doing it "perfectly") Anyway, I can't wait to see those after pics. I already know I am gonna need to print them out and post 'em on my fridge for inspiration to STEP AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE for the next 40 days! :o)