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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Naps on weekends...

Are totally acceptable. I sometimes feel that just because it's nice weather outside, I'm somewhat contractually obligated to go out and play. But, this is Charleston, and I know I'll have many more Sunny days this summer ahead of me. So, as the Bean household naps, I am writing you this blog, and then I'll probably take a nap afterwards myself. :)

My workout today is Kenpo Cardio Plus. KenPo on crack. Woohoo! I'm excited for it. After that workout, week 1 of P90X+ will be done.

That was a tough week!

One thing that I notice right away after 1 week of this though, is that pullups are just getting SO much easier for me, because they are incorporated in EVERY workout (except intervals and kenpo). My arms are definitely more muscular and my mid section is much more tight. I have not weighed myself, though I don't think I lost any, since my clothes fit somewhat the same; they don't feel "looser," they just hang differently on my hips, which probably means I lost an inch somewhere. I'm not a big scale person. I'll weigh myself occasionally if I see one around, but it's not a daily thing, which I think more people need to adopt. Especially if they are doing programs such as P90X. Daily weighers' will get frustrated because of the many fluctuations that occur, i.e. building muscle, losing fat, then building more get the idea. I would recommend monthly weigh-ins, or weekly..if you just can't resist.

Off to take a much needed nap, then I'm going to rock some KenPo Cardio +!! :) Have a great, blessed Saturday!

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Alissa said...

I'm with you on the weigh-ins! And the naps! Sometimes a nap on a nice day is so relaxing. We go go go on the weekdays so what's wrong with a little nap? I am not actually sure what the changes in my weight are for Phase 1, but I don't really care! I'm stronger and I'm pretty sure the inches are being lost. I'll check in with that next week! Glad to hear you're enjoying plus!