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Friday, March 20, 2009

More "Beautiful Mess" Magic

OK-I know I've been talkin' about them alot recently..but they rock my socks off! We've never had "family" portraits taken..and they just took it to a whole new level with these pics. I have never been so happy with pictures of my family as I am now! Thanks so much Candice and mean so much to us!

And here's a link to a wonderful slideshow they graciously made for us, that makes me cry every time:

You could also order prints directly from them through the website, and see bigger, higher resolution photos through :)



Missresa said...

Wow... I meant to comment on your other pics, but didn't have time to. Your friends did a wonderful job!!! One of my goals for getting in shape is that I want to have family portraits done that I will be proud of-and being healthy is definitely something that I need to do before being comfortable in front of the camera! You and your family are absolutely beautiful, and your pictures look like they came straight out of a magazine!!!

KC said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing!!! Definitely something you will cherish forever.