Challenge Packs!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

KenPo CardioX

One word.

WOW. That was hard. No more handweights or ankle weights needed for KenPo!
It was all new moves, new routines, and water breaks?? Yeah right! During supposed "breaks" we are still doing jumping jacks, twisters,..all kinds of stuff. And we do this move that's called the "Gladiator"...think Jackie Chan type move, with a jumping kick plyometric kind of thing. Very fun..but very HARD! It's only 42 minutes, but I was SWEATING like crazy!

Good stuff!


J. Branson said...

"+" is starting to look like something we're going to have to get. I'll be sure to get on your BB site to get it. I ordered the Fast Formula x2 off your site last night. Glad you're being the test subject for all of us on the "+"!!!

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