Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you want to lose weight faster...

Do your cardio in the AM BEFORE breakfast.

Yes, it will not feel the greatest in the beginning, but you'll get used to it.

All night your body is in a fast, beginning when you stop eating after 8 pm..all night long your body is using stored body fat for energy (yes, there is energy spent while sleeping). When you put cardio on top of that before your first meal, it just torches fat. And on top of all that, your metabolism will be humming for the rest of the day. Your cardio can consist of whatever you want. I preferably like to do my CardioX or KenpoX cd since I'm doing P90X..but it can also consist of a jog. The point is to get moving before that first meal. Try it for a week, 3 of those mornings being cardio. You can still do your strength training later in the day. I gaurauntee that more "poundage" will be shed.

It all goes back to how much you want to invest in your body and health. Diligence and hard work are the only thing that's going to get you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, that hot bikini, or whatever you have in mind. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Amanda Keller said...

I did my day two workout - Plyo - at 6:00 this morning!! Woohoo!! I better burn some major calories during the day today because that workout busted my butt!!

life in a positive direction said...

On days I can do this-you know how early I have to be at work-I will. But, what about running 3-5 days a week after work. Will that help shed pounds as well? I love getting outside for the jog, and resort to the cardiox for the rainy days so I don't get too bored inside. Love ya!!!

Missresa said...

I made the official switch to Classic today!!! I'm also on my first day of Phase 2!!! I am loving it so far, and seeing your results helps to push me harder, too!!!

BTW... What happened to Christina's Blog?

Alissa said...

Day 1 went well! I feel it today, most definitely! I'm doing plyo early this afternoon. I can't wait to see how many calories I burned!

Jen said...

Ya, I wanna know too...were'd Christina Go? She's got me worried! I might have to go check on Jeremy's blog and make sure she's okay. Anyway, I wish, wish, wish I could make myself do this Cardio thing. Okay...that's just ridiculous...I can absolutely make myself do it for ONE WEEK and at least see how it works. I wake up extra early as it is already so I can do my actual work (for the doctors office) so in order to do a work out before that...well, I'd have to get up at like 4:45 am! YIKES! I'll just have to see how I can re-arrange some things so that I can give this a try. I've got 45 days left in this program and I expect to see some major changes between now and then. I haven't lost ANY weight this round yet. STarting yesterday, I am subbing my lunch for protien shakes so I think that will help. Now if I can actually add cardioX before breakfast 3 days a week in addition to my other work outs...that should do the trick. If it doesn't---then it's never gonna happen!
Anyway, thanks for all the great tips!