Challenge Packs!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New changes still happening...

This morning I woke up to do KenpoX. Except something was different.

I was not sweating at all.

It wasn't hard.

Something was wrong. I usually am in a "flop-sweat" 5 minutes in. I don't think my heart rate went up past the 120's. I even did everything double time from the getgo.


I'm taking Brad Eickman's advice and adding handweights to the mix, and I'll even strap on some ankle weights. I'm sure that will bring back the lovely sweat I love so much.

On another note-I measured my body fat today..and it was 9.25%!!!!

I've never been that low. I can't wait to post pics. I still have a recovery week left then you are going to see them splattered everywhere!!

BTW-did you know you could earn cool stuff in WOWY (Workout With You..if you are a P90X'er or doing another program) just for logging your workouts in real time? It's free to do, and you can win stuff like 300 bucks or a digital camera. And, they're awarded every day. MUCH Better chance than the lottery, if you ask me. :)


Jen said...

Hey you! I used to do WOWY but when I cancelled my BB membership, I thought I couldn't do it anymore...???? Do you not have to be a member?
Kenpo has never been hard for me. I actually don't like it because of I'm used to kickboxing where I actually hit a bag (and not air) so it's an adjustment. Anyway, I started adding 3 lb. and 5 lb. weights during parts of it to intensify it and it really does help. Especially during the elbow series and at the very end when you do the cross body punches!
So...I want to know how you measure your body fat? I have never done that and I would LOVE to know where I stand.

Missresa said...

Demi, you're an animal!!! 9.25%?!! That is so awesome!!! It's great to see just how far you've come... It gives me motivation to push on through all the insane things that Tony Horton has us do!! :o)

Matt and Brooke said...

I want to see pics.