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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back online!

Wow. Being disconnected electronically from cyber world is kind of disheartening! I got over it though. How can I describe the past couple days? Well, we've been moving out of the house on Spring street...I really did NOT think we had that much stuff. I was so, so, WRONG. Oh, and then just bringing it all over, and unpacking-IN ONE DAY. We were up pretty late, because I just can't sleep with a mess all over the place. I had my trusty cans of lysol wipes and 409 and lots of towels. Garbage bags..piles for Goodwill..oh my. Then today rolls around. I get up, and do my Kenpo like a good girl. Then I decide that I really need to organize the kids room (did I mention they are sharing rooms now? With LESS furniture, LESS drawer space, OMG.) That was a nightmare. But I got it done, and I stood back, and I said: IT WAS GOOD. Haha. Then the rest was just mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms; which I consider easy stuff. Organizing rooms, and more rooms is just a major pain in the ass. So once I got that done, the rest is sorta easy. And on top of aaaallll that, I get a major allergy attack from all the dust flying around, so I am sneezing a mile a minute at the same time. Did I mention I haven't showered yet, and don't think I have the energy to walk up the stairs, so that idea just seems a little ambitious for me right now. I stink, like BO and lysol combined. My feet are swollen. And I look like Rudolph from blowing my nose. Nice image, eh?

But, I am thankful still. I am thankful that my parents so graciously took all of us in again, until things settle..and we can plan our next move. Fun times. Great times to be had in the near future. Heck, we have family, the Wii, PS3 (with Rockband now, yeah!), and a crowded house chock full of some loooove. Doesn't get better, and I must say, more puertorican, than that.

Now, off to take a nap!

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Matt and Brooke said...

It's no wonder you're sick now! Hope you feel better soon. I'll be interested to know how the room sharing with the kiddos goes. Keep us posted!