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Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Blog for at least 3 days or so...

Because we will be moving!! Closer to all our friends, so THAT is what I'm so excited about. Expect to see alot more of us, woot woot! LOL.

Here are some pics to tide you over until I'm back online..from Christmas morning. Isabel and Alana were happy as clams. Isabel loved all the gifts from her Nana and Aunt Tanya (thank you! :)) and of course mommy and daddy, gramma and poopa, and her Great Pappy (He got them 2008 MATCHING Christmas Barbies!-I don't know who loved them more, me or the kiddos-haha). Isabel had an especially joyful time ripping off paper than trying to chew on it. I didn't let her do this longer than 2 seconds, for which she got VERY mad at me. The toys were a nice distraction.

Till I write again...Happy New Year! And here is to a great 2009!

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