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Friday, May 4, 2012

Well HI Day 15. :)

OK it's official: last night was the BEST SLEEP I HAVE EVER HAD. No joke. Just wanted to put that out there. I know I said I'm only doing 2 weeks of this Reset, but I have decided to extend it and do it the way it was written. When Carl Daikeler and his wife (CEO of Beachbody and wife) talked on a webinar, they said once you are done with the Reset-you should just basically go backwards in it. So that's what I'm doing. Only after these next 3 weeks can I introduce certain things I used to eat and drink like fish, snacks, and alcohol on occassion. By going backwards-you will slowly introduce things BACK INTO your diet, so you are gentle on your body. By doing this-you can actually PIN POINT which foods react well with your body, and which foods don't react well (and they can cause gassiness, bloating, stomach pain, lethargy, etc). They said when you re-introduce something new, to wait 3 days to see what happens. And then move on to introducing something else. This is the only way you can really do by going through the Reset and doing what I just mentioned. No doctor or bloodtest will ever tell you what you are allergic to properly and accurately..(even if I am minutely allergic to it-I'd want to know!). This is the only way I can do this for myself! For so long, so many of us go through life eating this or that, and not even knowing that it is doing something to us on a personal level, that our bodies are not in favor of. This is all about self-discovery and self awareness. I want to know what works with me and what doesn't. You should too! Click on above banner or click HERE to get your Ultimate Reset. If I were you I would get the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack-which includes Shakeology on Home Direct and a free month in the VIP Club Membership with Beachbody. The Vegan Strawberry Shakeology that comes with the Reset (BTW-tastes like a strawberry yoohoo, YUM) just compliments it so well, and makes for a daily delicious snack. Plus when bought this way, it's highly discounted. WIN WIN. :) Breakfast was delicious as always-can't wait to see what lunch has in store! -DB P.S. I'm down almost 2 more pounds! 12 lbs in 15 days ya'll.

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