Challenge Packs!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Almost in the double digits now baby! P.S. I just really like that quote above, because it's damn TRUE! Anyway-I slept even BETTER last night. It's literally blowing my mind. I woke up just feeling crazy awesome, had my breakfast, and now I am prepping to go BOATING for the day. I'm confident I can do this! Ha. Last night I cooked my A$$ off, cooking dinner for me and the fam, and then cooking and prepping all the food for today-tupperware central! But it's worth it now, all we have to do is get ready, and GO! You won't be hearing from me for the rest of the day, MAYBE later when we get back, we'll see. Anyone going through a rough patch in this cleanse-TRUST ME I WAS THERE, it get's better and you will feel the best you have ever felt in your life! South Carolina Sun, Beaches, and Boating-HERE WE COME! SUMMER STARTS NOWWWW!!!
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