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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 10-Ultimate Reset

Holy Balls to the wall-I'm in the double digits now! The meals were GREAT today. I know I keep saying it, but everyday I feel EVEN BETTER mentally and physically. It IS making me a little OCD-I have more energy and so I'm cleaning like crazy, throwing away stuff that should have been thrown out eons ago, and I can't stop "tidying up" to speak. I'm starting to cook for my family-the meals from the Reset-and yeah I have to buy more food now-but I feel so good when Jason eats the food and absolutely loves it. And I HAVE found a new pleasure...a way to my heart, so to speak. KITCHEN GADGETS. Like seriously. OMG. Today I went to Walmart (I know, gross), and I happened to pass about the kitchen section. My eyes sparkeled. Why of COURSE I need a lemon AND lime juicer. And a masher for my chick peas and nori germasio (Reset meal). And a GRATER that MEASURES while you grate?! I PUT ALL OF IT IN MY CART. As I show Jason all my little "treasures"..he is rolling his eyes so much and walking away half way through my description of it all. Whatever! I have my kitchen toys that make cooking even MORE FUN! :) On another note: Since we are allowed to do yoga on this Reset-I did do yoga today. Not just regular yoga. AERIALIST YOGA. That's right. I'm so badass. Not really. They have these things (look like curtains) that hang down and you are a couple feet in the air. And then you do yoga on them. Sounds easy right? Uhm...NO. It was challenging, like imagine doing down dog IN THE AIR. And everything else. It was tough, but enjoyable! It gave me a heck of a stretch and I felt AMAZING afterwards. I love yoga's "after" affects..the feeling of calm and serenity. This class definitely gave me that, and I'm coming back every Sunday! Next Sunday we're bringing in the hoops and trapeze for some good ol' fun. Oh wait. I have a couple pictures of what I did today.
That's really not me (I know, SHOCKING), but I swear, I did both of those and more. The silks give you the ability to really get a good stretch and do things you thought you couldn't do. I was a little nervous, but once I let go-I discovered I can actually be pretty descent. It's all in the breath! Namaste-DB

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