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Friday, April 27, 2012

I need a favor! And...Ultimate Reset Day 8!

So first thing is first. I know I ask you alot of favors. And yes I'm going to ask you for another one. Gather your friends and family and please, for the love, do this simple simple task. All you have to do is; first, go to LIKE the page first, then find my video (it has my name in it, Demi Bean) if you can't find it look under "posts by others" and you will see it, and then CLICK LIKE ON MY VIDEO. That's it! I've gotta win this-I will send you cupcakes if you can make it happen. Not really. But in my mind I will. Promise. You can watch the video too. I think it's full of hilarity. But you have to go to that page first to watch it. ;) Ok on to the Reset. IT'S DAY 8 YA'LL!! I feel friggin fantastic! I slept amazing, ate an incredible breakfast, and shit, it's almost time to get lunch made, holler! I think I can actually DO THIS. I will admit, in the beginning, I didn't think I could. But I encourage anyone "in that spot" hold Wilson Phillips says, and wait it out. It will pass.
Just..hooold onn. For one more day. Or 3. Ok-gotta go prepare lunch, I have no idea what I'm making. I'll fill you in later! -DB p.s. LIKE MY VIDEO PLEAASE!!

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