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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good morning Day 6!

I like Day 6, and Day 6 likes me. I SLEPT SO GOOD last night-WOW! This morning breakfast called for a spinach and garbanzo bean concoction with some avocado, but then I realized I ate the last of my avocado yesterday during lunch or something. So back to my fruit compilation for breakfast today. The GREAT thing about this Reset is that if you don't like something that is scheduled to eat on your meal plan, you can pick and choose from meals in the week you are in. Heck, you could eat the same thing every day if you wanted to (again, in the same week though). Sometimes I ran out of certain ingredients and had to do some fishing in the cooking guide to find something that I could cook for certain meals-and that's totally ok-love it. I'm getting some adversity to my decision to make my 21 day reset only 14 days-but honestly I ate cleaner than what is on week 1 (no meat or dairy and lots of greens and fruits), and I drank as much water too. I will be continuing with the maintenance phase and you still have to eat the same for at least 3 weeks, while taking the supplements, so I know I will reap the same benefits. Carnivores and Herbivores sometimes butt heads, but I'm used to it. :) Disclaimer: NOT knocking carnivores-to each their own! I had to make the switch to vegetarian first and foremost because of my health. High Cholesterol is genetic in my family, as well as my husband's. Cholesterol is found in meat. No brainer to cut that out so we don't have to go on meds. And it worked! (with the help of Shakeology-it was a SLAM DUNK!) Eventually I just progressed to Vegan for personal reasons, and I'm happy with that. My husband is still a vegetarian, and he's happy in that spot-so goes to show you how everyone can make their own choices-even living under the same roof. ;) So make good decisions for YOU. Be mindful and present today. Write everything down you are eating if you are going for weightloss. Add up those calories (My Fitness Pal is a great app on smart phones to track calories). Move your body. Truly appreciate the food you are eating and how it was prepared. The food you eat is a GIFT-treat it as such when you are eating. Till next time, -DB

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