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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 5 coming to a close!

I'm over the little emotional/physical hurdle I was experiencing and I think I see the light!
So-closing up day 5, food was great as usual, and my energy levels were better. I even forgot to take my afternoon snack, which is always optional. I think things are finally leveling out, which is a wonderful thing. I can almost "feel" myself breaking bad food addictions and habits. The amount of water I drink a day is now a normal thing, and not something "forced." On another note-I talked to some people about my predicament that I had. I went in on week 2-supplements and everything, planning on staying on week 2 for 2 weeks. Well, crazy thing is, I didn't think that the amount of supplements they gave us in the kit were not meant to be done that way (DUH). It was meant for the general population of carnivores, and week one is designed to wean you off of all meat and dairy. Since I was already vegan (50% raw vegan at times, if not more), I was not about to go back and starting eating meat, to only wean off of it again. That detox was ROUGH-did it once, no more! Ha. So-in conclusion, I'm only doing a 2 week Reset, as I already have weaned off of meat and dairy for some time now. But, I will still continue with the supplements and still eat the same way. I'm addicted to the food and the recipes that are in this thing! There is a guideline in the Reset that tells you when to "reintroduce" certain foods to your diet-and that I will definitely follow. I'm excited so see how this final week plays out! Until tomorrow morning.. -DB

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