Challenge Packs!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinner was a smash!

Ok-so I am not a cook, by any means. I can boil stuff-but that is about the limit of my abilities. I had some qualms going into this whole Reset thing because I literally have to make all of my meals from scratch. Tonight was a bit of a challenge! I had to make red pepper roasted sweet potato soup (with a side of green beans). OMG. Who KNEW that you could straight up slam a whole red pepper on your stovetop-no pan, nothing, and just let it sit there to "roast" ?! I thought the house would go up in flames-stat. But it didn't. After roasting, the directions said to hold the pepper under cold water and the skin would come off. Uhm. OK. I will follow your directions; Ultimate Reset. AND-YOU WERE RIGHT, IT DID. It just slipped off and I had beautifully roasted red pepper to blend with my sweet potato and add some other magical stuff and I MADE SOUP. And it was friggin delicious! This is how I can accurately depict myself as a cook in this moment:

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