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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 3 of Ultimate Reset has commenced

So. people have been telling me rumors that days 3-5 are where you feel like piss-ass. Awesome. Thanks for that heads up. I actually slept GREAT last night, but I did wake up with a little bit of a headache. Hopefully that will go away after my first meal today. Breakfast will be simple: just a certain selection of fruit-but alot of it! I just had my oxygenated/mineralized water with some supplements and ALOT of water. Wierd how I actually look forward to that water in the morning! So do you want to hear something extremely FUNNY? So, blogger has this thing where you can see how people found your blog, what phrases they used to find your blog, etc. Usually it's the normal, "demi bean, demi bean fitness model, demi bean working out, demi bean muscles, demi bean magazine, steroids <--I had to laugh at that one!, etc." You get the point. BUT! A new one popped up yesterday which I think is HYSTERICAL. "The official hate site of Demi Bean." !!! BAHAAHAHAA! I can't tell you how happy that made me. Because anyone that knows me knows I am one of the nicest people out there, but if you're going to hate on me for whatever reason-than ok-have fun with that. I'm moving on because my life just doesn't stop. I have a world to change. But I will say, it just adds alot of publicity for me-so "Thank you" to whoever wasted all that energy into that website-my name will just get more popular. :)
Moving on... I am starting to miss working out. I KNOW that all of my energy needs to focus on detox and digestion. I get it. But I am missing me some Tony Horton and Shaun T. I know soon-I shall return with gusto to these workouts, I just need to be patient and trust the system. Weightloss is still at a solid -4 lbs, and my skin looks fab. Rock on Detox, rock on. BEACHBODY ULTIMATE RESET <---Click on above banner or on this link and get you some! I will coach you through it every step of the way. :) -DB

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