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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 5 Ultimate Reset

I am going to be honest. Last night was tough. Like I have mentioned before, days 3-5 are the hardest. They were right! I thought I was good to go, until about 7pm. We started talking about my daughter's upcoming birthday and the CAKE and all sorts of other stuff. Of course her birthday falls in line during my reset--so no cake for me. This almost sent me to TEARS. And off to my bedroom I went and I fell into a depression of sorts. Again-all these emotions are on the Reset Guide. I sort of brushed it off, like "nah, that won't happen to me!"...think again! I slept like crap last night but today I feel ok. This relationship with food-IT IS REAL and we need to address it from time to time. I can see now that I have a comfort eating habit, which is now being broken, and it's putting me down in the dumps emotionally. I know it's temporary-so that is the hope I am holding onto. I know I will feel like a new person soon. But now, these past couple days-not easy. OK-time for some positives! -I am forming a new relationship with food. Food is now my fuel, AND my friend. I am blessed to eat on a normal basis, and I get to try new food that I've never eaten before. Talk about adventure! -To actually sit and eat a piece of food, think about the taste, chew for 30 bites-it's sort of enlightening. -I wake up every day, with more and more energy. No caffeine, and no alcohol sickness (from evening before, ha!) -My time with my family is special. I savor every second. -My mental clarity is increasing every day, and I feel more focused. Till next meal! (oh my breakfast was a big bowl of fresh fruit-delicious!) -DB

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