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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Verticle Vom

Nope it didn't happen. I didn't vomit, but I was scarily close to it. And after looking at this, I might now:
Do you think he's sexy? barf.

So, yesterday I didn't quite keep up with a "clean" eating day. Hey, it's summer practically in Charleston already. And that means boating, going to the pool and drinking alot of adult beverages. Hydration pretty much goes out the window. I'm working on that, but it's tough. I felt it today when I did Verticle Plyo. I'm getting more "used" to the workouts, and I see changes in my body only after 2 weeks. But, I know that they could be better if I cleaned things up a bit, diet wise. I work alot with the 80/20 rule-I eat clean 80% of the time, and 20%-I do whatever the heck I want. I save that 20 for things like birthday parties, pool parties, and boat days. And there's alot of that in the Summer. Hence my struggle. Well, we all have our vices-and that's mine! I find that coconut water helps a TON with hydration if I didn't do so good on a particular day, and also taking my BCAAS and L-Glutamine; pre and post workout. They are amino acids and aid in performance, repair, and recovery. I add that to my Results and Recovery drink post workout, and take more pre workout, in capsule form. It helps ALOT, and I'm not going to post why-because it's really science-y and I barely understand it myself-let alone try to explain it to the 2 people that read this blog. Also, a high fiber diet helps with just-everything...and not just pooping on the daily. I can give you good websites though to learn, and to purchase to improve your quality of life. <--great articles to learn about EVERYTHING fitness related, and a store to buy supplements-such as L-Glutamine and BCAAS. <---FIBER. It's a different kind of fiber that's just better than the rest. Helps with weight management, controls hunger, and helps with keeping your cholesterol in check. They also have these KILLER biscotti fiber cookies-OH SO GOOD! <--Results and Recovery Drink. Great for hydration and awesome for post workout feel good vibes. <--Kurt Angle developed a food line that includes DELICIOUS healthy frozen pizzas that are high in fiber and protein. They make me smile times a million.

So you see there is a balance you need to find. I *think* I found mine. But it's ALWAYS a daily decision, and NOT always easy. Do you want to get fitter? Or Fatter? Or shorten your lifespan? Pass good lifestyle choices to your kids, family, and friends? Does that sound good to you? I hope so.


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