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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ya'll have been ON MY A$$ to blog so here you go. Almost worse than Norton reminding me every 30 seconds that I need to renew my virus protection. Geez.

I don't even know.

1) I've graduated the Asylum. No it's not a nuthouse. You know, the fitness program I've been boring into your brain for the last month. I posted my stats on my FB "like" page. I'm too lazy to copy and paste here so just go to the facebook page listed on this blog, and you can see the results there in the notes. Not a picture yet though. I got my period the last day of the Asylum (thanks universe) so I'm bloaty and I REFUSE to capture that as my "after" pic. I plan to do the Asylum/P90X hybrid next. So then I will talk about that all the time. Riveting I know.

2) We had a pretty dramatic moment at the Bean household. Isabel (just turned 3) has been 99.99999% potty trained for a good while now. BUT she would wear pullups when we'd go out, or when no one felt like taking her to the potty. (parents of the year over here). Then we decided that enough was enough. We put all the pressure on Alana (our 9 year old) so Isabel wouldn't hate us (the lazy parents), and told her to throw out all the pullups VISIBLY so Isabel could "see" that they were going "bye bye" forever. Talk about a kid going crazy. She threw her flailing body on the floor screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!!! NOT MY PULLUPS!!! PLEASE NO NO NO!!!" And I had to hold that monster back while she kicked me trying to make a bee line for Alana to kill her for throwing out her precious pullups. But, guess what? IT WORKED. We ARE GOOD PARENTS. She wears her Dora panties and loves it and doesn't pee anywhere, not even at night! Whatwhat!! :)

Aaaaaaaaand I had a dream that I was flashmobbed to a Michael Jackson song for my birthday. It was ridiculously awesome. (hint hint J).


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Jin said...

Demi you are so funny! BTW i love your blog!