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Monday, May 23, 2011

Before/After Asylum Pics!

This tranformation took place within 30 DAYS of doing INSANITY: THE ASYLUM. Yes, it lives up to it's title. But for 30 days of lung bursting and muscle burning like you've never believed-I AM THRILLED. I am currently done with my "Relief week" (it's suggested after doing a round to let your body recuperate from the hell it just went through) and I have just completed my first week of my second round of the Asylum. I have changed my mind in doing the P90X/Asylum hybrid. I am going to do another full out Asylum rotation and see what happens. My athletic abilities are through the roof-and that's just something you can't see in the pictures. Speedroping is NO joke my friends, and when I started, I couldn't do it at all. I can now keep up with the video, and although I still take many breaks through all the workouts-I am improving. Which goes to show you: fitness is a life time committment. I LOVE my little improvements, however small they might be; because it means I am moving forward, and that's really all that matters. One thing that I have noticed is that I am not physically disabled after the workouts now-and I actually have a life again. So I can only be extremely excited about what this second round will do for me and my general fitness and wellbeing! That said: here are my before/after pics. Yeah I am white as a ghost in my first-but boating season just started here in Charleston and let's just face it, I am puertorican and I get better tans than most people, even with SPF 50 on. The crap just doesn't work on me. Oh well. :)


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Jin said...

holy Abs!!!! You look great!!!