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Monday, April 25, 2011


I STILL feel this way. Workout has been done for almost an HOUR.

Game Day. I was really stoked about this one. In a strange way I thought it would be the perfect mixture of fun/brutality (which I love)..a nice break from the week of Asylum hell workouts. Well, it's not. It's the most HELLISH one. To give you an idea-you start out with a 1 MILE SPRINT. You go up hill. You go down hill. You then sprint to the finish. Only Shaun can figure out a way to simulate an uphill sprint on a flat floor. But he does. You then go through MULTIPLE SPORTS, including *wierd* ones like SPEED SKATING. That was one of the hardest ones for me. Talk about a burn and sucking the air out of the room. I dry heaved, but I managed to keep it down. There was mountain climbing (not on the floor, ON THE PULLUP BAR)-this is where I aquired MULTIPLE bruises on my legs. Craziness Control is the word of the day in this workout. I had none. I took ALOT of breaks. I'm managing to get my agility up to speed-but still-there is nothing that gets easier. EVER. I gave it all I had. There was nothing I had left to give at the end. My body just gave out and I barely made it to the shower. So as I ice my bruises from whacking my legs in the doorway during the mountain climber drills (don't even ask, it's like, a nightmare), I give this workout 5 out of 5 swimmer breast strokes. As far as my performance-I give it NEGATIVEabillion Daikler BBall jumps. It was so hard. My team lost. (Sorry, Team). But I made it. I will work hard this week so I can do better next time, team. Promise. (I have a team in my head that I play with every day, BTW.) Progress, progress, progress. If I'm alive and don't puke-it's progress and a success, dangit.

It's going to be a lazy productive day.-Demi

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