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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, feeling crappy, and sleep. Wow. That's a great title.

UUUGH. I am BEYOND SORE. I can't get out of bed..yet. I had Verticle Plyo yesterday, then we went boating and spent the day in the sun. Got burned on my butt (like, how DOES that even happen??), and I'm just friggin' tired. Boating wipes you out-on top of shananigans like asylum-well yeah, today I am feeling it. Today is just stretching. I'll feel accomplished if I can even get out of bed to do that.

In other, much more important news: IT'S EASTER! We celebrated with Easter baskets and talked about what Easter really is about. They did have candy though. Alana dove in, like head first into that basket of goodness. Isabel had her first M&M. At first she thought it was just regular candy. Then she bit in, and I could see it on her face; "My mind is blown. It's both a candy AND chocolate!" I feel you on that one sister.

Looking forward to when I can see this guy again-Demi

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Jen said...

I don't see how YOU can get sore! :) Just goes to show we never really "finish". Being healthy is a work in progress until the day this life is over.
Glad you had a good Easter and that Isa finally got an M&M. I canNOT believe you've been holding out on her ALL THIS TIME! :)
Love that picture at the end. It can't be too long Demi...this world is a wreck and getting worse every day. PRAISE THE LORD for the HOPE we have in HIM and HIS ressurection! :)