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Monday, September 28, 2009


If you buy from QVC, you wouldn't get a coach to guide you through an arduos
physical fitness transformation. THAT SAID-the experience was thrilling for me.

I am back from an unbelievable weekend for me, I flew to Philadelphia, PA to shoot 3 shows for P90X with Tony Horton, Traci Morrow, Doug F., and Kit (Tony's sister.) on QVC. Can I just say I HAD A BLAST! It was a very internal thing for me, I kept everything locked up and didnt' want to go around like a crazy girl on crack. I know everybody else has done it a bunch and does not think it was super duper exciting (because they are rockstars and have done it a bunch! <3) , but for a first timer...IT WAS AWESOME! :)

I was SO nervous in my first show, but it really got easier after that. I LOVED to talk about what WORKS and I felt conviction when I spoke, and it felt GOOD. I met some AMAZING people, like Traci Morrow, Tony's sister, Kit, and Tony of course (I met him previously), and I felt like I was apart of an amazing team fighting the trend of obesity in America! What an AMAZING feeling! I love everyone over at QVC and I hope I get to see them soon. Mad props to Traci and Kit for showing me the ropes, and being SO KIND to me! You 2 are just special and wonderful. know you have a great thing on your hands, we'll be back for 2010, and I can't wait to help Beachbody push it further for you. I feel so fortunate to have been on this itsy bitsy journey with ya'll and I'll never forget it, (because my daughter keeps talking about it every 2.45 seconds!). Can you say this with me?


This is a journey that will last forever. Make it last.

In HIM and HEALTH-Demi Bean


Anonymous said...

I got mine through QVC in Feb. and I got a coach...all I did was sign on to One was assigned to can email them to change to the coach to one you want

Jen said...

Am I like a stalker since I watched your QVC shows like 3 times? ha ha ha (they're still on my DVR)
I don't know what it is about P90X informercials but they GRAB me everytime...even though I've done 3 rounds of it and I WORK for the company! ha ha Watching people talk about it and seeing the before and after pics is SO motivating!
Seeing you on there...hearing your familiar voice on my TV...very weird and VERY cool!
You looked beautiful as ALWAYS, you sounded confident and not at ALL like a newbie. You're gonna be a celebrity...I can just tell.

Demi Eliese said...

not at all jen :) I still have mine on my dvr and my daughter keeps watching them constantly calling all her friends to watch it too. very embarassing for me and very humbling! little gifts in life like this experience for me, I really treasure. you guys make it so worth while for me! :)

joanna said...

WOW!!! Demi, that is amazing!! What an incredible opportunity/experience for you. I want to see it! I will have to look it up! Wish I knew you were gonna be in Phila, we go there all the time! I would have loved to see you. NExt time :)