Challenge Packs!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Honestly-I get chills watching this. THIS is what it's all about. I started doing P90X and now I'm flying to Philadelphia, PA to be on QVC with Tony Horton himself. I BELIEVE in his product and I BELIEVE he created a wonderful way to get fit and healthy. Beachbody has programs for every level, every age, every person. There ain't no excuse. Which one excites you? If there is ANY that gives you the warm and tinglies, LET ME KNOW, and I will help YOU!

Watch QVC with me on Saturday night-ish, morning @ 1am. Then 3 and 7pm Eastern on Sunday! I'll be there with Tony sharing my story-dream come true! Goals WILL happen if you strive to be the best YOU can be. I love ya'll!!! Expect a BIG blog on Tuesday!! <3

In HIM and health!


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