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Saturday, August 8, 2009

INSANITY has begun!

OK-Day 1 is a fit test. My numbers I think..were average. Here they are:

Day 1 Fit test:

Switch Kicks-54
Power Jacks-58
Power knees-90
Power Jumps-33
Globe Jumps-8
Suicide Jumps-18
Push up Jacks-24
Low plank oblique-72

The fit test kicked my butt! I can't even imagine the rest of the program! You redo the fit test every 2 weeks because there is always a huge difference..we shall see!

In Him and Health-Demi

1 comment:

kelsey said...

Hey! I started today too! here are my results:

SK - 58
PJ - 60
PK - 98
PJumps - 50
GJ - 11
SJ - 21
PUJ - 33
LPO - 45 (your number here was huge!)

I'm terrified of the rest of these dvds. i almost threw up today.